Can Chiropractic Help Cycling?

Cory on a bike

So you’ve got a fancy new bike, shoes and clothes to match.  All tuned up and ready to hit the road, you are heading out on a new adventure.  The ride starts out great, however, you are not feeling the love between yourself and the bicycle like all the blog posts you’ve been reading about…

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Chiropractic Care Can Help During the Holidays

The week is here. The week that begins the holiday season. Where diets go out the window, nutrition plans get put on the back burner and people indulge in all of the delicious food. But how can chiropractic care can help during the holidays? Is yours the kind of family who runs 5k’s on Thanksgiving…

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Harrisburg PA Has Lots Of Outside Activities

Harrisburg PA has lots of outside activities. Now that the weather has finally turned warm; lets talk about things to do around the beautiful city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania!  Like most people living in south central Pennsylvania, I too, spent many days inside this past cold winter.  With the springtime flowers and sun shining most days,…

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Tips For All Natural Headache Relief

Headaches are a way of life for some people. Tension, anxiety and stress are some leading causes of headaches in a lot of people. Here are a few natural ways to help alleviate the pain of headaches. We at Barisch Family Chiropractic encourage the Harrisburg, PA area residents read our tips for all natural headache…

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Stretching Plan for Working From Home; A Real Stretch of the Imagination

You’ve been working from home the past few weeks. Thankful your employer gave you the opportunity to continue employment throughout this. The following stretching plan for working from home will help you feel better about being inside and get you ready for a summertime outside safely and with reduced soreness.  Follow this Stretching Program for…

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We Are a Harrisburg, PA Chiropractor Open During Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times, it has been made clear that a strong immune system is the key to beating almost any illness. As one of the Best Chiropractors in Harrisburg, PA, Barisch Family Chiropractic has chosen to remain open during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please note that travel to essential businesses is allowed under Governor’s Wolf’s…

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Can Chiropractic Help The Immune System?

Dr Barisch adjusting a patient

When you hear the word “chiropractic” what comes to most people’s thoughts first is back pain, spinal pain and things of that nature. But what connects your brain to every single inch of the rest of your body? Your spinal column of course. People in Harrisburg, PA and around the country often ask me, ‘Can…

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Plant Based Protein – Where To Find It

Plant Based Protein

It’s fairly common knowledge that protein is an important part of any diet. Protein not only helps to build muscle, it also helps in losing weight. Most people are familiar with whey protein. But what are some sources of plant based protein?  Walk into a supplement store and look at the tubs upon tubs of…

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