How often should you visit a Chiropractor Harrisburg PA?

People ask us a lot of questions here at Barisch Family Chiropractic. One of the top ten questions we talk about in the practice is visit frequency. People often ask “How often should I visit a Chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA?”

How often should a person come into the office for a check-up? While this seems like a simple and straight forward inquiry. It often turns into a complete, in depth conversation about all the aspects of the upcoming office appointments.  Let us look at some of the variables and circumstances that may help answer the question and shed light on how often you should come in.

During your initial consultation..

Calendar with Appointment Mark

During the initial consultation with a new practice member, we talk about the reasons a person has come into the office in the first place.  This will often lead to the person deciding to commit to their health and healing process.  If the person has had a recent injury, it would stand to reason that more frequent visits are required to help the spine and relieve the pressures caused by spinal alignments.  This particular increased visit frequency, often once or even twice a week, will be reduced as the person sees good results and is able to return to a more normalized body comfort zone. 

In another example, we very often get clients who may be seeking chiropractic care for simple maintenance of their spine.  In this case, the person will most likely stop by about once a month for a “tune-up.” This regular monthly maintenance is important to ensure proper spine health.

Understanding your needs.

Listening to your needs and helping you to understand your body is something we specialize in.  Since it is YOUR body, why not tell US how the progress is going.  We don’t pressure you into a canned package program. Here at Barisch Family Chiropractic, we offer various solutions so that you may tune the visit frequency to fit your particular lifestyle. 

We offer monthly wellness packages, and several value packages designed for you and your family.

Of course, we offer advice and answer questions on visit frequency. This is especially when someone needs better guidance or is unsure how often to stop by.

Understanding your visit frequency.

Next time you go into your Chiropractor’s office and ask “How often should I visit a Chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA?” think about your health. Listen to your body. Talk to your Chiropractor and make the best decision for you together.

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