Chiropractic Care Can Help During the Holidays

Turkeys wishing Happy Thanksgiving!

The week is here. The week that begins the holiday season. Where diets go out the window, nutrition plans get put on the back burner and people indulge in all of the delicious food. But how can chiropractic care can help during the holidays?

Is yours the kind of family who runs 5k’s on Thanksgiving morning or plays football in the yard in the afternoon? Or possibly both?

How can Chiropractic Care help during the holidays?

It’s Time For Travel

Even more so than Christmas, Thanksgiving is regularly the number one travel holiday of the entire year. More people pack up their cars and hit the highways more than any other day.

What does traveling have to do with your health and your spine?

A long day in the car can mean a lot of back pain. All those hours spent cramped in one seat in the vehicle. That lack of movement for hours on end can really do a number on your back and spine. Chiropractic care is great for helping your body get realigned after all those hours in a vehicle. After Dr. Barisch properly aligns your spine, regular chiropractic care can help during the holidays with all the traveling . It can help to keep your spine aligned and could possibly prevent some of those travel pains from coming back!

Over-Eating, Under-Exercising

At least for most of us, Thanksgiving is a day of not counting calories. Most people at far more on Thursday than they would on a normal day. With that full belly, it also typically means less movement and exercise. This scenario is just as bad for your weight as it is for your flexibility. The food in your system and the lack of movement can mean your joints will become stiff and painful. Chiropractic care can help during the holidays by keeping your joints free moving and not as stiff and painful.

It’s easy to get outside during the holidays. The gyms are typically open and outside is free. There is no excuse not to get outside and move your body during Thanksgiving.

Where You Should Go For Chiropractic Care Today

If you need to add chiropractic care to your routine, schedule with Barisch Family Chiropractic. Worried about being pressed for time or money during the holidays? Barisch Family Chiropractic has all kinds of family wellness packages and plans available to make chiropractic care affordable to everyone! Worried about your sanity? A 15 minute appointment can help with wellness the whole month long. Don’t delay; schedule your wellness check-up today!

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