Can Chiropractic Help Cycling?

So you’ve got a fancy new bike, shoes and clothes to match.  All tuned up and ready to hit the road, you are heading out on a new adventure.  The ride starts out great, however, you are not feeling the love between yourself and the bicycle like all the blog posts you’ve been reading about lately.  After getting home from the ride, you find yourself sore and disappointed with the performance.  Curious about why this physical sensation occurs?  Let’s talk about cycling through Harrisburg, PA. Chiropractic and the relationship between the two that could enhance your bicycling experience. Can Chiropractic help cycling?

Cory on a bike - chiropractic helps his cycling!

When considering cycling biodynamics, there are many metrics and data considerations to take place.  Some more simple conversations about the fitment of the bicycle to the person riding could happen at the bike shops or professionals in your area.  Many times, people are riding the incorrectly sized bike for themselves and this could be solved quickly by a professional.  After this, perhaps understanding how you are positioned on the bike can happen.  Are you leaning too far forward?  Is the seat to high or low?  Solving just a few of these questions could resolve many discomforts felt on the bike while riding. Can Chiropractic help with cycling?

Introducing chiropractic care into bicycling:

If we consider the amount of geometry, angles, etc. that are related to riding a bicycle, we can easily correlate the hand-in-hand idea of good spinal alignments and powering a bicycle.  Several examples of proper human posture, muscle strength and body symmetry can be linked with chiropractic care.  

When a person is utilizing chiropractic care to make certain that bones and muscles are in better alignment, they will naturally have a better fit while riding a bicycle.  For example; perhaps one person presents with a short leg in the office demonstrating a spinal imbalance.  If that same person would consider getting an alignment, the legs and pelvis will rotate more accurately around leaving the person with less discomfort, stronger pedal stroke and increased performance. Can Chiropractic help with cycling?

Since chiropractic care addresses more than just “back pain”, one could use the technology of gentle spinal corrections to increase efficiency on while riding a bicycle.  When you have better pedaling characteristics, the entire experience becomes more enjoyable.  Less back pain due to improper sitting on the bicycle is high on the list of results noticed when combining good alignments.    

So can Chiropractic help cycling? YES!

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