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Harrisburg, PA

Dr. B is wonderful, I have been seeing him for the last 8 years or so and he has helped me through some rough times with my back pain. He spends time getting to know you which is a nice personal touch and always makes sure that my issues are address and resolved. He is incredibly flexible schedule wise with me as well which is important for my family since we have 4 young kids involved in alot of activities.


Harrisburg, PA

Dr. Barisch and Megan are just wonderful. The office is very comfy and they are warm and personable. I have a lot of back and neck issues. I’m in pain constantly, which can be very depressing. Each time I see Dr. Barisch he says “ok tell me one good thing!” It seems so simple but it means a lot. During your first visit he asks you what your concerns are and then he will explain to you how having your spine in the correct alignment can benefit your overall health. They simply want the best for you. I highly recommend going to see them if you have any concerns!


Harrisburg, PA

Dr Barisch is one of a kind. Always a pleasant experience. Friendly, welcoming atmosphere.


Harrisburg, PA

I have been going to see Dr. Barisch for a few years. He has a passion for health and for chiropractic care. His positive energy is contagious and will always have you and you and your well being at top of mind. His practice has a focus on a full body health approach and he can offer advice on healthy living, suggested exercise based on your condition, and has often times offered recommendations on equipment and at home solutions to sports related muscle or soreness issues that I can self sooth at home. Thank you Dr. B and Team for your commitment to outstanding service!!


Harrisburg. PA

Barisch Family Chiropractic is best in the business! I went to him with a back and neck problem, he fixed me up in just a couple visits. I have been living my life since I first went 2 months ago pain free. He also has great rates too!!


Harrisburg, PA

I first went to Barisch Family Chiropractic seeking help for a foot problem and have been a patient ever since. Dr. Barisch is extremely knowledgeable not only in chiropractic care but also in areas of nutrition and health and wellness. He shows concern for the overall health of his patients and is generous in offering resources and information to help his patients be the best they can be. Since becoming a patient in this practice my back issues have resolved and my overall health has improved tremendously! This is a very professional, courteous, and friendly practice that I highly recommend!


Harrisburg, PA

I’ve been have a lot of lower back pain and Dr Barisch really helped get me some relief. Not 100% yet, but making progress. Was getting headache daily before my neck adjustment and haven’t had one in almost a week. Everyone there is very nice, I would highly recommend


Harrisburg, PA

I have seen many chiropractors over the years and in my experience Dr. B is one of the best. In the past, I have gone to practitioners who did the same routine no matter what was bothering you, or insisted you will only see a benefit if you are here 3X weekly for the next ambiguous amount of weeks or months.

Dr. B listens to you, assesses your physical state and adjusts accordingly. He practices his art well and allows you to decide when you need adjustments and when you need to come in...then he fixes you and gets you back to your life.

In the past I have visited Dr. B as needed when I have pain or feel out of alignment. However, I have become a fan of the new member practice approach. It is a benefit to me come in regularly and commit to my health and pain management regularly.


Hummelstown, PA

I was experiencing headaches was referred from my coworker to try Barisch Chiropractor.I was sceptical at first.Dr. Barisch pinpointed where I was experiencing pain and help to relieve it.I highly recommend Dr.Barisch to anyone suffers from headaches and back pain to give him a try.