Nutrition in Harrisburg, PA: Stack The Deck In Your Favor with Hammer Nutrition

Being an authorized seller of Hammer Nutrition, we talk to a lot of people about nutrition in Harrisburg. When we thought about writing a Hammer Nutrition blog, we thought “why not ask someone who uses the products?” Today, we want to spotlight Jim Wilson, Blue Mountain Velo Team Member, Automotive Industry Rockstar for Lehman Volvo and all around good guy. He’s been a loyal user of Hammer Nutrition products for years and is well versed in what they have to offer. Here’s his take on nutrition —

“I’m an old dude who realizes that he needs to stack the nutritional deck in his favor if he’s going to achieve optimal performance. Old does not need to mean slow. I started racing my bike at age 46 and that year I won the state championship in the CAT 5 Criterium. Typically, I log 10,000 miles per year (including the indoor trainer). I like to ride between 15 and 30 imperial centuries per year.

How I Hammer: Perpetuem is my go-to fuel. It’s my only calorie source on my solo centuries. It provides a steady, even flow of energy and has never given me gut rot. I add Endurolytes powder for my electrolyte needs and Anti-Fatigue Caps to keep me strong to the end, whether it’s an imperial century or double metric. I add Fully Charged for a longer or more intense ride to give me an extra edge. Afterwards, I refuel with Recoverite. My daily nutritional regimen includes Mito Caps and Race Caps Supreme for energy as well as Tissue Rejuvenator for joint health. LSA caps give my liver a boost and Essential MG provides much-needed magnesium. Boron helps to replenish exercise-depleted hormones. Hammer Nutrition provides top-quality products that are based on the best scientific research and that produce results that you can feel.”

-Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson is in management at the two Lehman Volvo stores, which are located in Mechanicsburg, PA & York, PA. He is a lifelong cyclist who got serious about the sport 7 years ago and started racing 4 years ago. You can follow him on Strava here. He stays up to date on the latest nutrition in Harrisburg through us at Barisch Family Chiropractic and Hammer’s monthly publication, Endurance News.