New Patients

At Barisch Family Chiropractic, we provide a welcoming environment for every member of our community. We will have gentle music plaing and our team will greet with you with a big smile. This is a place that you'll feel like you belong.

During Your First Visit

In our new practice member confirmation e-mail, we will have the new member form attached. Don't worry if you don't fill it out ahead of time. We have plenty of them printed out here at the office for you. After you fill out the form, you will be taken back to a private room where you'll meet your chiropractor.. During the initial evaluation, the Doctor will discuss your health history and wellness goals. Together, you will come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

. When back with the doctor, a thorough physical exam will be done including range of motion, orthopedic and neurologic testing. All together, expect to spend approximately an hour at the office. If deemed safe by the Doctor, you will also receive your first chiropractic adjustment at this initial exam.

Regular Visits

A follow up appointment will take approximately 15 minutes. Most patients come back weekly for the first 4 weeks following their initial visit. After that, they move onto bi-weekly visits. Both of these visit cadences will see a benefit in subscribing to our Individual Membership Package

Self-Care At Home

Our practice members who see the most benefit from chiropractic care also have good health habits at home. Chiropractic care won't "cure" anything - the body does that itself. Thus, the body needs exercise, proper fuel and self-love.

Schedule Your New Member Appointment Today!

Get started to a path of better wellness and without pain. Contact our team or schedule your New Member Appointment below. We look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals. .