Barisch Family Chiropractic has been serving the Harrisburg, PA area for over 60 years. 

Dr. Barisch isn't just a doctor of your spine.  He's also focused on helping his patients throughout their entire wellness journey. 

Placing a priority on identify underlying issues to encourage healing from within, our patients rave about us being the best chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA.

Check out our on-line scheduling and affordable wellness packages. Our goal is to help the Harrisburg, PA community achieve your wellness goals. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you achieve your wellness goals. 

Dr Barisch is one of a kind. Always a pleasant experience. Friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

-Amanda G

Barisch Family Chiropractic is best in the business! I went to him with a back and neck problem, he fixed me up in just a couple visits. I have been living my life since I first went 2 months ago pain free. He also has great rates too!!

-Elliott B.

Great personal service with quick results!

-Matt K.

I was experiencing headaches was referred from my coworker to try Barisch Chiropractor.I was sceptical at first.Dr. Barisch pinpointed where I was experiencing pain and help to relieve it.I highly recommend Dr.Barisch to anyone suffers from headaches and back pain to give him a try.

-Marc S.

I’ve been have a lot of lower back pain and Dr Barisch really helped get me some relief. Not 100% yet, but making progress. Was getting headache daily before my neck adjustment and haven’t had one in almost a week. Everyone there is very nice, I would highly recommend

-Josh G. 

Dr Barisch is very professional and caring. I visit every 4 weeks for adjustments and if I have problems in between he always fits me in the day I call. If you have back troubles, I highly recommend Dr. Barisch.

-Chele B.

Over the years I have broken many bones through adventure sports and cycling. I have experienced chiropractic care for decades from chiropractors across the country. Dr. Barisch has, by far, spent the most time in analysis and diagnosis, which resulted in injury-specific treatment. He has a holistic approach for health and I have benefited tremendously from his care!!!

-Jim W. 

I work drafting patterns in AutoCAD. During periods of high activity, my work aggravates repetitive stress injuries in my shoulders and middle back.
Dr. Barisch not only helped get me back into proper alignment, he counseled me how to stay that way through proper posture and activity. He's also the first chiropractor who ever adjusted my neck without cracking. Gentle transformaive care. I highly recommend this practice.

-Kass M.

Not only did he fix my back, he "cracked" me up! Happy Times! 
-Brian C.

Dr.Barisch does what few professionals do; he listens and he teaches. The initial appointment was a great experience that gave me great confidence in him and his practice. He was able to adjust me without causing pain or discomfort.
The scheduling and communication process is also customer focused and friendly, the staff polite, and the price literally can not be beat.
Do yourself a favor and schedule today. - Bart W

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Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to fit every budget, we offer several membership plans and packages as well as à la carte options.  Therefore, check out our Unique Fee System page.As a Chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA we want to give everyone access to affordable care.

Generally speaking, in an effort to keep Chiropractic care affordable to everyone, we do not accept insurance.  In short, we have several membership plans available.  Additionally, we do accept Health Saving Accounts or Flex Spending cards to assist with costs.

In order to provide you the time and attention you deserve, we recommend making an appointment. Therefore, click here to book yours today! 

Dr. Barisch will work on all aspects of your care.  He is committed to providing all-around wellness care.  Consequently from hands-on adjusting to nutrition consulting, he is an advocate for his patients' wellness.  

The adjustment does not heal the patient. Neither does it relieve symptoms. You must remember that healing is done by the body; particularly by its own immune system. What the adjustment does do is remove interference to normal nerve function. Normal performance of the patient's nervous system is vital to the body's ability to self-heal. The adjustment restores the normal activity of the nervous system affected by the vertebral subluxation.

Medical research is being done today to better understand this self-healing process. The science of neuro-immunology explores the ability of the body to combat and to conquer the disease. It is now recognized that, had self-healing not existed, mankind would not have survived through the centuries. A simple example of self-healing is the ability of the body to mend a broken bone after it has been set. Interference to the nervous system by an atlas subluxation retards and/or prevents the ability of the body to heal itself. For this reason, regardless of the nature of the disease process — whether the common cold or cancer — the patient kept free of neurological interference will benefit, even in conjunction with other treatments.

Yes and no. Symptoms are merely signals from the body that indicate change. Not the problem, the signal. However, what causes symptoms for one person will not cause symptoms for another. Unfortunately, vertebral subluxation will produce imbalance in the body structure long before symptoms occur in most cases. Relief of symptoms, therefore, is a secondary effect of the adjustment. First, there must be a re-setting of the misaligned or subluxated vertebrae, and a period of time that the vertebrae hold their normal positions until the healing process is complete.

Moreover, symptoms are variables in that they are not really indicative of the patient's true state of health. Many factors influence how a patient feels: stress, fatigue, weather conditions, state of mind, etc. Therefore, adjustments cannot be predicated on how the patient feels at any given time. "I feel bad" or "I feel good" is not a sufficient reason to adjust or not to adjust. The only safe and reliable method is to check the patient for the presence or absence of neurological interference and postural distortion. If no evidence of imbalance is detected, no adjustment is rendered.

Following the first adjustment, either immediately or within a few hours, the patient may experience a warming sensation or a tingling sensation in an arm, leg, lower back, or in the chest or abdomen. This response is observed to occur in patients with health problems in these areas. Reactions are attributed to an increase in the activity of the sensory or input nerves. Impressions to the brain are increased by the adjustment and the patient may be made more aware of his/her health problem. This phenomenon occurs only in cases where the subluxation is interfering with the sensory nerves by blocking off sensory information to the brain.

Occasionally, a patient may briefly experience an increase in his or her symptoms after the first adjustment. Again, the reason is the removal of the blocking of the sensory system, permitting increased sensation to the brain. Patients will not experience this phenomenon from healthy areas of the body. A full feedback by way of the sensory nervous system seems needed in self-healing.

YES!  We have partnered with a select number of trusted wellness companies.  We are here to advise you about what products would work best with your wellness goals.  Some brands we carry are: