Our Unique Chiropractic Fee System

Overall, we at Barisch Family Chiropractic, wanted to develop a unique chiropractic fee system that would make quality, regular chiropractic care affordable to everyone.  As as result, we have come up with a unique fee system. 

Furthermore, our wellness packages are designed with the goal of our members receiving weekly chiropractic care to minimize the effect of the vertebral subluxations.  

Because of this simplified fee schedule, we have made an effort to make regular chiropractic care affordable to our entire community.  We decided upon this approach because unlike a medical doctor's office, we expect to see you more than three to six times per year. We set up our fee schedule so frequent visits are possible; thus enabling you to experience the full wellness benefits of quality chiropractic care. 

Without delay, select a package below and schedule your initial visit today!