5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing and Going To Chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA

You have a lot of chiropractors near Harrisburg, PA to choose from. But let’s talk about the 5 mistakes people make when choosing a chiropractor. Everyone will tell you why they are the best chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA. Ask us – we will tell you we are the best, too! But one question a lot of chiropractors are afraid to answer is what are the mistakes people make when looking for a new chiropractor?

  1. Not getting evaluated before you get adjusted. A chiropractor can’t fully help you if they don’t do a proper assessment. Most initial visits consultations should last at least 35-45 minutes. The human body has a lot of moving parts. The best chiropractors do an extensive health history to help them determine the best treatment plan for each individual. At Barisch Family Chiropractic, we will only adjust you at your initial visit of Dr. Barisch determines it is safe to do so.
  2. Choosing the Closest Chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA to your house or office. Would you rather drive 2 minutes for a McDonald’s cheeseburger or 15 minutes for a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse slab of meat (you have a gift card to each – so price is similar). The same can be said for chiropractors (& most other professionals). While there are a lot of chiropractors near Harrisburg – don’t always look across the street. Make the drive for better care.
  3. Believing all Chiropractors Are The Same. There are many different schools of thought when it comes to chiropractic. Here at Barisch Family Chiropractic, we practice straight chiropractic. Straight chiropractic is a scope of practice which concentrates on vertebral subluxations and correcting them. We also focus on educating our patients about vertebral subluxations and overall wellness care.
  4. Stopping Chiropractic Treatment When You Feel Better. This isn’t about choosing a chiropractor, but I wanted to cover it because it’s so important.
    I have a few patients who come in once maybe twice a year (at most). We chat like old friends who have known each other for years (which we have). I spend time listening to what ails her, I adjust her, she leaves. Does it help? Sure; a little. Will it help her body continue healing from within? Possibly. vertebral subluxations occur frequently. Often times, the patient begins feeling better before the body is fully healed. The best way to treat ailments is to actually prevent them – which is the premise behind wellness Chiropractic Care.
  5. Making Excuses To Not Schedule a Chiropractic Appointment – Sure. Life is busy. We’re all busy. But if you wait until you have the perfect schedule, or the motivation, or the perfect doctor, you’ll never go! The fastest way to get “used to” a cold pool is to jump in feet first (or dive in if you’re fancy). The same thing is true with chiropractic!

What do you look for when choosing a Chiropractor? Tell us in the comments below.

5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing & the Going To A Chiropractor

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