6 Reasons Dr. Barisch Loves a Farmers Market in Harrisburg, PA

I looked at the calendar this morning and it dawned on me – 90 Days. The farmers market in Harrisburg I go to weekly opens in just 90 days. I love them! Here are 6 Reasons why I love going to a farmers market!

Dr Barisch at the Harrisburg Open Air Farmers Market

Which Farmer’s Market in Harrisburg PA is my favorite? It’s the PA Open Air Farmer’s Market located at the Farm Show Complex. They’re open Tuesday’s & Friday’s early May (May 5th, 2020 is their first day) through Thanksgiving. I have found that not everyone goes to Farmer’s Markets – but wherever you live, I’m in Harrisburg, PA, I encourage you to find one that is near you. Nothing quite like it. Here are the Top 6 reasons I love Farmer’s Markets.

  • Shop Local – Everyone has heard this before  But we need to practice this.  Support local farmers; working the land.   Small family farms need your patronage.  So much of the farming in the United States has moved to the large-scale; that the families that have been working their land for generation upon generation are fading away.

    There are many local farmer’s markets around Harrisburg. Share your favorite one in the comments!

  • Enjoy The Flavors – A lot of the items you find at a Farmer’s Market were picked days if not hours before they are available for purchase.  It doesn’t get more fresh than that.  There isn’t any cross-country shipping; there aren’t any gasses used to ripen the fruit quickly. The fruit is allowed to ripen on their own

  • Save Money – I should probably have put this on first. Who doesn’t like to save money? Did you know you can walk out of a local farmer’s market with a trunk full of food for fraction of what you would spend in the grocery store?
Folding Wagon
  • Environmentally Friendly – When you go to farmers market in Harrisburg PA, you will see a lot of people who bring their own bags. We actually have a folding wagon (like the one pictured to the left) which is fantastic for rolling bushels of apples and quarts of potatoes from the stand without having to return to our vehicle after each stop.

At a farmers market, there is also less waste. No saran wrap or packaging you’d find at the grocery store. The Farmer’s Market vendors typically keep the crates, baskets, and tubs they bring the produce to the market in.

#ProTip: Bring your own reusable grocery bags. Most vendors have plastic bags, but by bringing your own reusable ones; it’s easier to carry and better for the environment!

  • Community Engagement – Ever run into someone you know at Target or the grocery store? The same thing happens to me at the Farmer’s Market! Meet local farmers and friends face-to-face; instead of just on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc.

  • Plant-Based-Athletics – In case you didn’t know; I’m a USA Cycling Licensed CAT3 Road Racer. I ride for Blue Mountain Velo, a team based in Harrisburg, PA (Follow them on Instagram!). I’m also primarily plant-based; so the Farmer’s Market makes it easy to fuel myself for race day.

Schedule A Farmers Market Visit with Dr. Barisch

I would be delighted to go to the Farmer’s Market with you and show you the ropes on navigating them. It doesn’t matter which farmers market in Harrisburg PA you want to go to Shoot me a message below and we can schedule a day that works for both of us!

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