The Leg Length Check

Could it be possible that a person presents on a particular day of the week and has no problem with their spine and does not need to be adjusted? When helping
a client obtain the most from a chiropractic adjustment, one must first check and see if an adjustment of the spine is actually needed! In order to do this; one method used is the leg length checkup.

The Derifield-Thompson test for leg length inequality (LLI) is commonly used by chiropractors to assess a need for adjustment and to evaluate the results of
adjustment. Demonstrated here, Dr. Barisch checks the length of a practice member’s legs and feet in order to assess the current situation of the spine. If we
find there to be a discrepancy at this part of the exam, a notation is made and possible adjustment of the spine will take place. It always prudent to check the spine BEOFRE making an adjustment.

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Dr Barisch Checking Leg Length