Barisch Family Chiropractic


Our Mission

Our mission is based upon our philosophy and core values which encompasses:

Chiropractic Service

We shall serve humanity by providing the highest quality in chiropractic care, public education, professional partnerships and community initiatives.

Core Values

We realize that our greatest assets are people and our mission.

Without either of these, we have no reason for being and no means to put our ideal into action.

We honor and respect the innate intelligence of the body.

We hold that a vertebral subluxation free life is a better life.

We have a regard for the inseparable and synergistic nature of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic.

We value a sense of community, tradition and shared commitment to our ideals.

We recognize the inherent dignity of all people and offer them our best services regardless of race, religion or ability to pay.

We value perseverance, and are committed to helping others who share in our mission, in reaching their chiropractic goals.

Straight Chiropractic

Straight chiropractic espouses the vitalistic philosophy of life and health, and is defined as the art, science and philosophy of locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations in accordance with that philosophy.

Straight Chiropractic is based on the premise that living things have an innate striving toward organization, and that vertebral subluxation is an abnormal, but most often correctable condition which interferes with the expression of that striving.