Barisch Family Chiropractic


About Us

Barisch Family Chiropractic has been enriching lives in the Harrisburg community since 1960, when Arnold Barisch, D.C. first opened the doors. Dr. Barisch helped to introduce the concept of wellness through chiropractic as one of the first and most experienced chiropractors in town. Originally founded in the city of Harrisburg, Barisch Family Chiropractic continued to serve the growing population through the 1970s. Due to an overwhelming demand for alternative forms of healthcare, our second location, in Colonial Park, opened in 1972. Since then, we have continued to serve the local and surrounding communities with the same quality service and results our patients have received for over 45 years. Loren Barisch, D.C. joined the practice in 2005 and maintains the original standards that have made Barisch Family Chiropractic the best choice for people who are recovering from injury, experiencing pain, or looking for a healthier lifestyle.